Atiku Abubakar, hereinafter know as “AA”, is taking to social media like a college student to a BlackBerry. He’s gone at least six out of the nine yards, snagging the coveted verified status along the way. From food porn to jersey flashing, the former vice president seems keen on showing his newly acquired Twitter fans, now over 51k strong (up from under 25k two weeks ago), a more ordinary and even playful side. So courtesy his tweetpics, here’s ten fun things you didn’t know about AA.

He’s an Arsenal fan!

And he plays Play Station?

Yeah, cuz he’s totally badass like that

But he can be cute

Breakfast is a genteel affair

But lunch is fun!

He is a “sure man”

And he loves Twitter

He’s the dad that follows his kids on Twitter

And he wants a hundred thousand Twitter votes…pardon, followers

Feel free to post more AA social media sightings.

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Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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