Fashionable Lagos is a shopping magazine that deploys a combination of  e-commerce, social media and editorial content to sell fashion items on their website.

Headed by Olayinka Oluwakuse (Founder) and Seb Ayoola (CTO), Fashionable Lagos is an initiative of Island Diary Media & Retail Ventures. The company has an iPad magazine called “Lagos”, on the Apple Newsstand.


Perhaps the most interesting feature on the Fashionable Lagos site is the ‘Aso-Ebi Finder’. There, you can source Exclusive Fabrics, Laces, Georges and Head Ties that are made available in large quantities and can be purchased immediately since the prices are available on request.


Fashionable Lagos was launched in November, 2013. The founders say they are currently looking beyond advertising as a business model.

Photo Credit: Joe Chahwan Photography via Compfight cc

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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