There’s A Font Inspired By Lagos’ Danfos And It’s Brilliant
13th July 2018

Inspired by the yellow and black of Lagos’ most popular transport icon and the art associated with it, design agency, Dá Design Studio has created a font called Danfo STD. 

Who Is Doing Hardware In Nigeria?
4th June 2018

Hardware is hard to do anywhere. Period. It is a very iterative and capital intensive area that requires long-term commitments, more often than not.

Taxify is winning Lagos. For now.
23rd August 2017

I once scoffed at a poorly-researched suggestion that Taxify might be beating Uber in Lagos. I was wrong. This is the current state of things.

TechCabal daily: Don’t shoot the messenger
13th April 2017

An Uber driver was murdered in Lagos and his vehicle, stolen

Corps members in Lagos and Abuja Orientation Camps now have free wi-fi thanks to
30th November 2016

They’ll get 24/7 unlimited access.

500 Startups is planning a tour of four African cities in March 2017
29th November 2016

Lagos, Cape Town, Accra, and Johannesburg.

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