Google Pixel 9Pro XL 2024: First details and specifications with hd image and backside of the new 2024 phone

The Google Pixel lineup is set for expansion with the introduction of the Pixel 9 series. The range includes the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and the flagship Google Pixel 9Pro XL. Based on recent leaks and benchmarking information, this article highlights the key specifications and features of the forthcoming Google Pixel 9 Pro XL in 2024.

Pixel 9 series overview

Here’s a concise look into the leaked information about the Google Pixel 9Pro XL:

1. Lineup confirmation

The Google Pixel 9 Pro XL 2024 caught attention in a now-deleted Geekbench listing, confirming its existence. This flagship model joins the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro, creating a three-tiered lineup for different user needs. The Pixel 9 features a dual-camera setup, the Pixel 9 Pro includes a compact triple-camera system, and the Pixel 9 Pro XL represents the pinnacle of the series with an all-out three-tiered camera feature with incredible capabilities.

2. Processor and performance

The Google Pixel 9 Pro XL in 2024 will run on the new Tensor G4 processor. This chip includes a 3.10GHz prime core, three 2.6GHz performance cores, and four 1.95GHz efficiency cores. This configuration is designed to deliver a balance between performance and power efficiency. 

Hardware and software specifications

The Google Pixel 9 Pro XL will likely feature the following hardware details:

1. Graphics processing

The Pixel 9 Pro XL 2024 will feature the Mali G715 graphics processor. While the Pixel 8 Pro also used the G715 GPU, the new model is expected to have more cores or a higher clock speed, offering improved graphics performance for gaming and other intensive applications.

2. Memory and storage on Google Pixel 9Pro XL

Alongside its powerful processor, the Google Pixel 9 Pro XL 2024 will include 16GB of RAM. This is a significant upgrade from the standard Pixel 9, which features 8GB of RAM. The increased memory will aid unhinged multitasking and maximum utility.

3. Software on Google Pixel 9Pro XL

The device will run Android 14, providing users with the latest features and improvements from Google’s operating system. The new software, combined with the powerful hardware, aims to deliver a seamless user experience.

Final thoughts on Google Pixel 9Pro XL first details and specifications 2024

The forthcoming Google Pixel 9 Pro XL, touted to sell at about $1000, is shaping to be a significant upgrade in the Pixel lineup and a top contestant among the big guns of the smartphone club. With a powerful Tensor G4 processor, Mali G715 GPU, and 16GB of RAM, the device promises to offer top-tier performance. As more information becomes available, anticipation continues to build for the official unveiling of the Google Pixel 9 Pro XL in 2024.

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