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We live in a time where technology and connectivity are becoming increasingly integral to daily life, and having a reliable and fast internet connection is essential for various online activities, such as gaming, downloading, and streaming content. Here, we’ll be giving a breakdown of our top internet services providers in Lagos, Nigeria (ISP) and how they’re doing based on the aforementioned factors.

MTN’s Internet services in Lagos

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Among the major internet service providers in the region, MTN has gained attention for its connectivity options. Let’s delve into how MTN’s internet speed in Lagos performs in these key aspects.

1. Gaming performance

For avid gamers in Lagos, a stable and low-latency internet connection is crucial to ensure seamless online gaming experiences. MTN has been striving and largely thriving in addressing this need by offering different data plans tailored for gaming enthusiasts. In general, MTN’s 4G and recent 5G introduction, provides competitive speeds, contributing to reduced lag and smoother gameplay. This is especially evident in multiplayer games where split-second reactions matter. However, it’s recommended to opt for higher-tier data plans to ensure consistently high speeds during peak gaming hours.

2. Downloading efficiency

Downloading large files, software updates, or even streaming high-definition content requires a dependable internet connection with swift download speeds. MTN’s 4G and 5G network in Lagos typically delivers commendable download speeds, allowing users to efficiently acquire content. From personal experience, users have reported download speeds ranging from 10 to 50 Mbps, depending on the data plan and network congestion. This range is sufficient for most regular users and even those who engage in frequent heavy-duty downloading activities.

3. Streaming quality

The demand for streaming content has skyrocketed, and MTN’s internet speed in Lagos meets the expectations of most streaming enthusiasts. Whether you’re watching videos on YouTube, enjoying shows on Netflix, or participating in live streaming platforms, the 4G and 5G network offers consistent speeds that can handle high-definition streaming without excessive buffering. Users can expect smooth playback and minimal interruptions, even during peak usage hours.

Factors influencing MTN internet speed

It’s important to note that internet speeds can be influenced by various factors beyond the control of the service provider. Network congestion, signal strength, and the device being used are among the variables that can impact the experience. Additionally, while MTN’s network coverage is extensive, some remote areas in Lagos might experience slightly lower speeds or reduced coverage.

Starlink Internet services in Lagos

starlink internet service providers

Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet service provided by SpaceX, has emerged as a potential game-changer in addressing internet connectivity issues, even in remote and underserved areas like Lagos, Nigeria. Let’s take a closer look at how Starlink’s internet speed fares in Lagos, considering its performance for gaming, downloading, and streaming, while also highlighting its setbacks.

1. Gaming Performance

Online gaming demands low latency and stable internet connections to ensure smooth gameplay and quick responses. Starlink’s promise of low latency is an attractive feature for gamers in Lagos. Initial user reports suggest that Starlink’s latency can range from 10mbps to 61.5mbps, making it comparable to traditional cable internet services. This level of latency is suitable for most online games, ensuring that players can enjoy a lag-free experience.

2. Downloading

When you can download stuff fast, it adds to your pleasurable online experience. Starlink’s internet speeds in Lagos reportedly range from 50 Mbps to 150 Mbps, depending on the user’s location and network congestion. This speed range allows for relatively quick downloads, enhancing the overall user experience.

3. Streaming

Streaming high-definition content on platforms like Netflix, YouTube, or Twitch requires a stable and fast internet connection. Starlink’s speed capabilities are well-suited for streaming, with users reporting consistent streaming quality even during peak hours. The provided speeds are typically more than sufficient to support seamless streaming without buffering or quality degradation.


While Starlink shows great promise, there are certain setbacks to consider. The most notable one is the cost. Starlink’s initial setup costs, including the purchase of a satellite dish and modem, can be relatively high for users in Lagos, making it less accessible to those with limited financial resources. Additionally, the satellite dish requires a clear view of the sky, which could pose challenges in urban areas with tall buildings and crowded infrastructure.

Furthermore, while Starlink’s speeds are impressive, they can vary based on several factors, including the user’s location, weather conditions, and network congestion. Heavy rain or other adverse weather conditions can impact the satellite’s signal strength, leading to potential drops in speed and connectivity.

Glo internet services in Lagos

internet service providers  glo

Another prominent player in the Nigerian telecommunications market is Glo. Let’s delve into Glo’s internet speed performance/services in Lagos, focusing on its suitability for gaming, downloading, and streaming activities. 

1. Gaming

 Glo offers various data plans that seem to have differing speeds, but its performance for gaming has been the subject of mixed reviews. 

Some users report consistent and acceptable latency levels, especially during off-peak hours. However, during peak times, users have experienced occasional spikes in latency, leading to disruptions in online gameplay.

2. Downloading

Glo’s internet speed for downloading content seems largely dependent on the plan selected by the user. Premium plans tend to offer higher download speeds, enabling users to swiftly acquire large files, software updates, and media content. 

However, like many service providers, Glo’s advertised speeds may not always be achievable due to network congestion and other factors. Users often experience varying download speeds, with some reporting satisfactory rates while a lot more others encounter slower-than-expected performance.

3. Streaming

Streaming media content, whether it’s video or music, requires a stable connection to avoid buffering and interruptions. Glo offers dedicated plans optimised for streaming, promising seamless playback of high-definition content. In practice, users have reported mixed results. While some have enjoyed uninterrupted streaming sessions, a lot more have encountered buffering issues, particularly when streaming high-resolution videos during peak usage times.


Network Congestion: One of the primary challenges faced by Glo users in Lagos and other places is network congestion, especially during peak hours. High demand can lead to reduced speeds and increased latency, affecting all online activities.

Inconsistent Performance: Users often experience varying speeds and performance, even within the same area. This inconsistency can be frustrating, particularly for those who require a reliable connection for work or entertainment.

3. Customer Support: Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with GLO’s customer support in addressing internet speed-related concerns. This lack of prompt assistance can compound the frustrations of users facing connectivity issues.

Airtel Internet services in Lagos

Airtel, one of Nigeria’s prominent telecommunications providers, offers internet services promising seamless experiences in these domains. Here’s our own scoop specifically addressing Airtel’s performance in gaming, downloading, and streaming, while also acknowledging existing challenges.

1. Gaming

Airtel’s internet service in Lagos generally provides satisfactory speeds for gaming. Gamers often report low latency and minimal disruptions, enhancing their gameplay. However, occasional fluctuations in speed during peak hours have been reported, leading to frustrating interruptions for avid gamers.

2. Downloading

Airtel’s internet speed in Lagos tends to perform well with downloads according to Lagos users. With the right plan, users can enjoy swift downloads, allowing them to access content quickly. This is especially beneficial for professionals who rely on timely downloads for their work. However, some users have reported inconsistencies in download speeds, particularly during busy network periods.

3. Streaming

Smooth streaming of high-definition content requires a stable and fast internet connection. Airtel’s internet in Lagos usually meets these requirements, offering users the ability to watch videos, movies, and TV shows without excessive buffering. Video platforms like YouTube and Netflix load swiftly, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Nonetheless, occasional variations in streaming quality have been noted, particularly during times of network congestion.


While Airtel’s internet speed in Lagos generally caters to the needs of gamers, downloaders, and streamers, there are some persistent challenges. Network congestion during peak hours can lead to decreased speeds and intermittent connectivity. Additionally, some users have highlighted issues with customer support when addressing speed-related concerns. 

SMILE  internet services

When it comes to internet connectivity in Lagos, Nigeria, SMILE has emerged as a prominent player over the past few years. Offering a range of plans tailored for various online activities, including gaming, downloading, and streaming, SMILE aims to cater to the diverse digital needs of its users. However, despite its advantages, the service does come with its share of challenges.

1. Gaming

 SMILE’s internet speed often provides a smooth gaming experience, with low latency and minimal lag. In most parts of Lagos, competitive gamers can engage in online battles without experiencing frustrating delays, thanks to the consistent connectivity offered by SMILE’s plans.

2. Downloading

Downloading large files, software updates, and media content can be a breeze with SMILE’s internet speed. Users can expect efficient download speeds, allowing them to save time and hassle. The broadband connection provided by SMILE ensures that even hefty downloads are completed in a reasonable timeframe.

3. Streaming

With the rise of streaming platforms for entertainment, a stable internet connection is vital for uninterrupted viewing pleasure. SMILE’s internet speed generally supports high-definition streaming without buffering issues. Whether users are enjoying movies, TV shows, or live sports events, they can rely on the service to provide a seamless streaming experience.


While SMILE’s internet speed offers many advantages, there are also challenges that users may encounter. One common issue is network congestion during peak hours. Users complain that when maximum users connect to a particular SMILE hotspot unit simultaneously, the speed might dip, affecting the overall quality of the experience.

Additionally, some users have reported inconsistency in the promised speeds compared to actual performance. Factors such as network infrastructure and location can influence the actual speed received. Technical glitches or maintenance activities can also lead to temporary disruptions in service.

Furthermore, the availability of SMILE’s service might vary across different areas within Lagos. While some neighbourhoods might enjoy excellent coverage and high speeds, others could experience limitations due to infrastructure constraints.

SPECTRANET internet services

SPECTRANET, one of the prominent internet service providers in the region, has gained attention for its promise of high-speed internet.

Gaming experience

SPECTRANET, with its fibre-optic infrastructure, offers impressive ping rates that are essential for smooth multiplayer experiences. Gamers often report minimal lag and consistent connectivity, making SPECTRANET a favourable choice for the gaming community in Lagos.


Downloading large files or updates is a common task for internet users. SPECTRANET’s high-speed plans facilitate swift downloads, allowing users to retrieve files quickly. This is particularly advantageous for businesses, students, and anyone who frequently needs to access substantial data.


Streaming high-definition content demands a robust connection to prevent buffering and interruptions. SPECTRANET’s internet speed is well-equipped to handle streaming on platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Twitch. Users can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment in crisp quality without constant pauses.


While SPECTRANET offers impressive internet speed, there are potential setbacks that users should be aware of. One of the notable issues is inconsistent performance during peak usage hours. As more users connect to the network simultaneously, the speed might dip, affecting overall performance. This could lead to reduced download speeds, buffering during streaming, and increased latency in gaming.

Additionally, the coverage area of SPECTRANET might not be uniform across Lagos. Some areas may receive better connectivity and higher speeds than others, depending on infrastructure availability and network congestion. Potential customers should research coverage maps and read user reviews specific to their locality before subscribing.

Final thoughts on best internet services providers in Lagos

Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the top internet service providers in Lagos provides valuable insights for consumers seeking reliable connectivity. While each provider offers distinct advantages, such as high-speed plans and extensive coverage, they also face challenges like occasional service interruptions and pricing concerns. 

Ultimately, the choice of an internet service provider should be guided by an individual’s specific needs, balancing the strengths and weaknesses to find the best fit for seamless online experiences in the dynamic landscape of Lagos.

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