It was recently revealed at the Kaspersky Labs Security Analyst Summit, held in Budapest, Hungary,  that Nigeria hosts about 3% of the world’s malicious content. Or maybe not.

The original article published on IT News Africa with a similar headline, but there was no mention of Nigeria in the article. There was however mention of infection levels of about 33% in South Africa and an average of about 50% among the rest of Africa. If the headline is to be taken seriously, Nigeria indeed hosts about 3% of the world’s malicious content.

That might not be such a bad figure, considering that only 4 years ago, servers in the USA were reportedly host to about 40% of the world’s malicious content. That figure could either have increased or reduced but it sure does put Nigeria’s position in perspective.


[UPDATE] – The figure actually pertains to Africa, not the world, as clarified in a follow-up article by same IT News Africa. The headline has been edited to reflect this.

Also Nigeria has lower infection levels than South Africa, with only 20.3% of users affected from 3.6 million recorded local threats, while an estimated 42.5% of Nigerian users are affected by international threats.

Photo Credit: smart–ed via Compfight cc

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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