will Pay You for Posting Ads Through Your Social Media Accounts is a crowd sourced Advertising platform that rewards users for every SocialAd it publishes on their behalf i.e. on their social media pages.

Users are required to sign in with their social network accounts, Facebook or Twitter allowing Paidtrends to use these accounts to post SocialAds. The ads are in form of tweets or Facebook updates Paidtrends makes, on behalf of its clients [startups and SMEs].

Users get a token added to their wallets each time a SocialAd is posted with their account. These tokens accumulate and can be converted to airtime, if the user pleases.

Paidtrends claims to cost-effectively advertise Startups and SMEs’ brands, products and services, across multiple Online Social Media Platforms. The major competition for this startup include AdDynamo and

The company was officially launched on 1st February, 2014 by founders, Ekele Abel and Godson Ukpere.

Photocredit: Yuksel Duman


  • Why does this seem so much to me like glorified trendstarters?

    • Odunayo Eweniyi says:

      They know what they are. They are just trying to get money from it.

    • Jay says:

      That is what it is… They want to organise the trendstarters I guess? and make their own cut. But, I am sure this is violating some twitter and FB TOS… Let’s see how it pans out.

    • Remi says:

      This to me looks like someone trying to get people to make money of their social accounts just like money is being made off advertising on blogs… See nothing wrong here. If this is wrong.. Google ads and the likes should be wrong as well.

    • upnepa says:

      The issue I believe we all have with ‘trendstarters’ is that we never actually find the content they tweet about. With Nairatweets and Addynamo an advertiser usually has to create content in form of a Tweet. If the advertiser doesn’t get the tweet[s] right or if the Tweets don’t link anywhere.. oh well

      • “If the advertiser doesn’t get the tweet[s] right or if the Tweets don’t link anywhere…” then they become glorified trendstarters I guess?

      • Remi says:

        You have spoken brilliantly! ‘trendsetters’ cause a hell of a nuisance … Addynamo is a great tool but it’s somewhat inconvenient for the avg Tweeter! I think that’s the lag Paidtrends is trying to cover for… Btw Addynamo don’t make nothing trend just a whole lot of spam ads on there

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