is a crowd sourced Advertising platform that rewards users for every SocialAd it publishes on their behalf i.e. on their social media pages.

Users are required to sign in with their social network accounts, Facebook or Twitter allowing Paidtrends to use these accounts to post SocialAds. The ads are in form of tweets or Facebook updates Paidtrends makes, on behalf of its clients [startups and SMEs].

Users get a token added to their wallets each time a SocialAd is posted with their account. These tokens accumulate and can be converted to airtime, if the user pleases.

Paidtrends claims to cost-effectively advertise Startups and SMEs’ brands, products and services, across multiple Online Social Media Platforms. The major competition for this startup include AdDynamo and

The company was officially launched on 1st February, 2014 by founders, Ekele Abel and Godson Ukpere.

Photocredit: Yuksel Duman

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15th December 2018

As far as I can recall, I’ve owned seven phones in the last nine years, four of which forcefully ended up with people who needed them more than I did. Out of the remaining three, I recall handing one down to a younger sibling and disposing another in a waste bag during spring cleaning. I haven’t given much thought to where my current phone will end up when it no longer serves its purpose. Until now.

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