[UPDATE]: Snerves.com has been taken down. As at the time of publishing this post, it was still live. However, the site owner contacted TechCabal after publication to say that the site/service has been taken down, citing incompleteness of the product as the reason for taking it down.

Snerves.com is a social network designed to deliver a variety of contents to users quickly. It is optimized to allow members share pictures, sounds and videos. The application also allows each user maintain a personal blog, media library and playlists that can also be shared with followers; and watch YouTube videos without leaving the application. Snerves also features a chatroom which comes with private messaging support and offline messaging.

The CEO/President, Oluwaseun Ajayi says that Snerves.com boasts of fast loading discussion forums because every design step was based on real-time messaging protocol technology which delivers content with no delay because the clients maintain open sockets with the server. He also said that the iOS and Android applications are under development.

Snerves.com is the newest project undertaken by Webdezzi, a web design firm that created applications like Magicbulk.com. Snerves.com was launched on the 15th of January. Basically, the site attempts to bring all social network features together with a rich user experience.


Photocredit: Marafeld Design

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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