A little over 2 months after Carmudi informed TechCabal that they had hit the milestone of 10,000 car listings, they have again told us, today, that the site has now achieved 20,000 car listings.

As at March, a spokesperson for Carmudi revealed that over 600 cars have been sold via the site.

TechCabal has reached out once again to Carmudi’s largest competition, Cheki, to get more information about their achievements. The three year old website which has counterparts in nine other African countries, has over 30,000 vehicles listed on their Nigerian platform; apart from their sale of Vehicle spare parts. We are still awaiting detailed comment from them.

Carmudi’s reach while still majorly Lagos, is expanding to other Nigerian states. Now that Carmudi has reached 20,000 listings, and is rapidly growing, one can only begin to wonder what this means for Cheki.

Is 8-month old Carmudi Catching up to 3-year old Cheki?

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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