Gender equality is a trending topic in Africa, and Nigeria is not excluded, and another African country, Malawi has said that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) could assist the acceleration of gender equality, and the improvement of Female involvement in important sectors, in the country.

ICT can be used as a catalyst that can help accelerate progress towards achieving this target. Gender equality is a basic human right enshrined in the UN charter and it is one of the main objectives of the UN millennium development goals,” Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority [MACRA] Board Chairperson, Martha Kwataine  said during the celebration of Girls in ICT Day in Mangochi.

Kwataine said MACRA would intensify efforts to  provide a favourable environment for public and private sector involvement, distribution and use of ICT in both the urban and rural regions in a bid to achieve significant socio-economic development.

MACRA expects that the White Spaces project and a 2-Week training programme launched to inspire girls to take on ICT as a lifetime career, will encourage girls to see the benefits of ICT, and those beneficiaries will take up ICT and make it a career for the benefit of the country.


Photocredit: WallPapersCraft

Odunayo Eweniyi | Author

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