It’s 4 days into the one month Hackathon, and despite the protest held by the OAU students about the hike in their school fees which threathened to put a damper on things, the event is now starting to heat up.

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Already established developer teams are already working, while ‘idea-preneurs’ are pitching to the selection of developers who do not belong to any teams yet.

Now, there are 13 already established teams:

1. Team “HighwayFlee”

They are creating a 3D endless runner, something in the league of Subway surfers but set in Lagos.

2. Team “Uregista”

They are redesigning their start-up, after evaluating the market response. Uregista is a web app that helps to create, share, distribute and sell forms online. Their aim is to solve issues with registration.

3. Team “Artifind”

They are creating an app that helps find artisans quickly, like the “google map for blue collar jobs”. The artifind platform is still under construction.

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4. Team “Adja”

They are creating an app that helps businesses provide better customer services.

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5. Team “Ariyawa”

This team is redesigning their platform. Ariyawa helps to locate/create/share and manage events online.

6. Team “Weborepo”

They are creating an app that helps curate final year thesis in universities.

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7. Team “Moi”

They are working on creating a platform that lets you manage all online data about yourself.

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8. Team “Help”

They are building an app that gives a list of possible items required for an event based on  previous activities carried out by a phone user. They plan to use an “intellisense suggestor” to do the recommending.

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9. Team “Health Up”

Their app would help you perform medical diagnosis.

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10. Team “E-vest”

This team is creating a platform where start ups can pitch online to investors.

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And in the spirit of a good name being more important than, well, all things; the remaining three teams are yet to decide on a name for their apps/platforms.

11. A team is working on an app that helps to curate different dance styles via crowdsourcing and YouTube feeds. Their aim is to create a vibrant online dance community.

12. There is another team working on a platform that aggregates the latest fashion trends and helps users pick what best to wear.

13. There is a team creating a platform that helps find  customers find and communicate easily with local stores.

Yup, there’s an truly an app for everything. We will bring you more updates as the event goes on.

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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