Last Friday, 8 of the Teams participating in the OAU month-long hackathon met the requirements for the first round of presentations. Basically they had their backend and database ready. Team Adja has displayed a working model of the real time messaging of their app. They want customers to be able to chat with enterprises in real time.Team […]

On Wednesday at the ongoing month-long hackathon at OAU, a training session was organized for participants of the hackathon to learn the basics of the Microsoft Azure server. Microsoft provided the various teams with Azure server access, so that they can deploy their created apps with it. The Azure training was anchored by Adewale Adeyinka, an OAU student and a […]

It’s 4 days into the one month Hackathon, and despite the protest held by the OAU students about the hike in their school fees which threathened to put a damper on things, the event is now starting to heat up. Already established developer teams are already working, while ‘idea-preneurs’ are pitching to the selection of developers who do […]

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