Last Friday, 8 of the Teams participating in the OAU month-long hackathon met the requirements for the first round of presentations. Basically they had their backend and database ready.

Team Adja has displayed a working model of the real time messaging of their app. They want customers to be able to chat with enterprises in real time.

Team HighwayFlee was able to display a working demo of their game on an android phone. They have modeled about 20 major landmarks and popular sites in Lagos. And they have also modeled about 15 cars to be used in the game.

Team Artifind has completed their android app. They have a web view online where people can test artifind on enaxio.cloudapp.net/artifind . For now they only have a few artisans on the platform sourced from Lagos. Their next aim is to populate their database and also to get windows phone and blackberry 10 versions ready. They are also working on an SMS shortcode that helps people without internet to find artisans.

Team Foggia has finished major work on their app, and are looking to start crawling the internet for fashion trends for their app. They also intend to fix the part of their app that displays stores selling what you might like to wear.

Team Kedessa is building a platform that lets people create and subscribe to channels. Users can send and receive updates in form of sms. They are done with most parts and are looking to include receiving voice updates from channels you subscribe to. They also intend to begin to talk with organisations to test their platform this week.

Team Mobicheck has been in several meetings with doctors to find out the limits of what is possible within an app in the health sector. They have decided to build their app in such a way that it allows you speak directly with doctors based on what medical issue is involved. They also want you to be able to find doctors near you and book appointments with them.

Team Mycel has restructured their idea from just an online store to a platform that delivers instant feeds on the latest deals to your phone. Users can also  select their preferences, what goods they’d like to get offers on and stuff. They have started with their web view and mobile app simultaneously. Although their web view is far from completion, their app has gone a long way.

Team Enovest is building a platform that helps ideas meet funding. They have decided to add a platform for causes, especially medical causes so that people can get crowdfunding for such issues. They are presently in talks with hospitals to help with verifying such medicals issues to avoid scams. They are currently working on their server side video processing. They want all pitches to be done with a 3 minute video.

These teams are quarter to finishing their products, which by the way all sound interesting. Which product would you invest in? Which team are you rooting for?


Photo Credit: hackNY via Compfight cc

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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