The competition in the transport sector appears to have stepped up a notch. Two weeks ago, we announced Uber’s recruitment process into their Lagos and Abuja branches; and now, it appears that EasyTaxi has begun the move into Abuja.

EasyTaxi is now live in Abuja with 100 active drivers and fast recruiting more. Already established in Lagos with about 600 active drivers, with Abuja, the brand is back to where they were in Lagos, 9 months ago.

EasyTaxi CEO, Bankole Cardoso, had this to say about the Abuja move, “Drivers and passengers are just being introduced to EasyTaxi. I am sure it is an even better market than Lagos so we are looking forward to Abuja residents being as enthusiastic about us as Lagos residents are!”

Easy Taxi is working hand-in-hand with Google Nigeria. The Google training gives the drivers a tutorial on the local Google maps and drives maps adoption, while the drivers can bring their superior knowledge of the locale to improve the accuracy of the maps.

After Abuja, EasyTaxi has their sights set on Port-Harcourt and Benin next.

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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