[UPDATE]: Feedly successfully neutralized the attack and the service has been restored.

You may have noticed that you can’t access the feedly website or load any of your feeds via the feedly app. It’s not just you. We cannot access the app or site, due to the fact that news aggregator, Feedly is currently suffering a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on its servers.


Feedly has kept its users updated about the attack via Twitter, Facebook and Blog feed; and they made a statement about the attack, explaining that the DDoS perpetrator is holding Feedly to ransom and asking for money to stop the attack.


Feedly, meanwhile, has refused to give in to the ransom request. The attack has been ongoing for the past 3 hours[that was the last time I got an update the app] and a “The requested URL could not be retrieved” message is what I have been getting each time I try to access the website.

Evernote, which integrates with Feedly, also suffered a similar attack early this morning, but service was quickly restored.

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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