Nigeria does have a knack for signing agreements with the most unlikely countries. Earlier last month, our country signed an agreement on ICT and Education with North Korea, this month Nigeria and Pakistan have signed a series of agreements to boost the value of their trade to at least $1 billion, from the current trade volume which is less than $100 million, a figure described by both countries as extremely low, over the next five years.

President Goodluck Jonathan and his Pakistani counterpart, Mr Mamnoon Hussain, who is on a three-day state visit to Nigeria beginning on Tuesday, reached these agreements at a bilateral discussion.

The agreements will cover agriculture, technology, industrial cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two countries. Other sectors covered by the deal cooperation over narcotics, anti-terrorism, security, poverty reduction and human capacity development, economic partnership, air services agreement and exchange of prisoners, in addition to deals over oil and gas, education, agriculture and industrial development.

Mr Mamnoon Hussain said a Pakistan Commercial Station would be opened in Lagos on Wednesday to spur cooperation which would extend to counter-terrorism measures.

Which country is next?

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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