Not to encourage betting or anything, but why not make money online off of your confident predictions about the most popular sport in the world at this particular period. Today is the kick-off of Brazil 2014, with the opening  match between Brazil and Croatia at 9PM, Nigerian time. So head to any of the 12 betting sites below and support your team (it may not be Nigeria, we don’t judge) with more than just tweets:


If football doesn’t interest you, you can bet on other sports, casinos or races.


Not sure why their logo is a bird but don’t mind me, go place a bet.


That blue color pervades your senses, almost prevents you from reading, but then again, you aren’t there to read.

This is currently the fastest paying in terms of winnings. They have Keno.

This is in my opinion a very well arranged website. What do you think?

Who wants to be a millionaire?

The oldest betting site in Nigeria. Arguably the most effective. Their outlets are everywhere.

The real game starts here.

This site looks like an anime/manga download site. Forgive the nerdspeak.

Your average betting site.

Orange. Mr Ibu. Bye.


That logo would go very well on a car. Their name is similar to Betcolony.com, wonder why. Really nice site though.

Disclaimer: TechCabal is not in anyway encouraging betting and this post should not be construed as an advice.

Photo Credit: ian of leam via Compfight cc

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