BlackBerry 10 users, smile. You will soon be able to play Candy Crush – and Minecraft.

With the launch of BlackBerry 10.3 slated for this fall (September-ish) and Blackberry signing a licensing deal with Amazon for its Appstore catalog today,  BlackBerry 10 device owners will be able to access the thousands of the most popular android apps and games that Amazon has to offer.

We know that BlackBerry users have hoped and hoped that Android app developers upload their apps to BlackBerry World; some have even resorted to more unofficial methods of obtaining their apps. But hey, that gap is closing up. While the Amazon Appstore isn’t Google Play, it has almost 250,000 apps in its catalogue.

BlackBerry and Amazon will be working together to integrate its developer community’s apps into the Amazon Appstore in preparation for the 10.3 launch, when everything goes live. Of course Blackberry developers will get better discoverability and profitability from Amazon’s powerful promotional tools, including Amazon Coins, Appstore Developer Select and the popular Free App of the Day program.

This is probably bigger news for BlackBerry owners than Amazon, but it’s an additional revenue stream for app developers and will definitely put a smile on the faces of some of our BlackBerry owning friends.


Photocredit: Android Central

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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