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A while back I shared results from my Lumia 630 Battery Endurance Test. Today I want to share the results of my Intensive Everyday Usage test.

The Intensive Everyday Usage test is where I use the phone all day, non-stop, for regular activities, till the battery gives out. I have been reminded that it is not advisable to drain a smartphone battery ever so often within the space of a few days. So I decided to run the test until the battery dropped to the critical 10%. Here’s a breakdown of how I used the phone:

  • Brightness level primarily set to medium. I only had to switch to high on 3 occasions I was outdoors briefly.
  • Used the internet the whole time, constantly refreshing Twitter and Phonly (Feedly alternative) feeds, and browsing web pages. Connection set to 3G permanently
  • About 15 minutes of voice calls.
  • Over 30 minutes playing Temple Run 2 and Rail Rush.
  • A few still photos and a 1 minute video taken with the camera
  • A 30 minute walking session tracked by GPS with pre-installed Bing Health & Fitness App
  • About 1 hour (cumulative) playing music in the background, with earphones
  • For good measure, 10 minutes playing music at full volume with loudspeakers (about the time most of us spend bathing and dressing up).

The device did not leave my hands for more than 5 minutes at a stretch. I unplugged it fully charged at 3:26 pm. By 8:11 pm, the battery had dropped to 20% and Battery Saver mode was activated.

From this point, the battery was die hard. I continued browsing the internet, played an extra 15 minutes or so of music. By 9:42 pm, almost 2 hours later, the battery level finally dropped to 10%.


I was promptly advised to plug in the phone to a power source. Interestingly, the estimated remaining standby time at this point was 1 hour.

There you have it. Lumia 630 Intensive Everyday Usage test –  6 hours to 10%. Of course, “intensive” here is subjective. Depending on your daily usage, you could probably get more or less out of the Lumia 630 than I was able to.

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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