First Look At Music+, Music Streaming App From MTN

Yesterday, we let you in on Music+, MTN’s possible foray into the music streaming space. It turns out it was more fact than fiction.

Here are screenshots from a working beta version of the app on Android.

What we know about Music+

Music+ is still in beta testing phase so while the information we share below is true, there’s a possibility things might be different on public launch.

  • Users have to register with an MTN number (obviously) to download or stream music. Registration is free.

  • You can choose between streaming music or downloading for offline use.
  • Offline downloads cost N50 per track
  • For users who choose to stream, there are 6 flexible ‘Music VIP’ Plans you can subscribe to. These plans will let you stream music free of data charge.
  • The lowest VIP Plan costs N100 for 3 full days of free online music streaming . You also get 20% discount on offline downloads and 30 MB bonus data.
  • The highest VIP Plan costs N800 for a month of free streaming,  discounts on offline downloads and 500 MB bonus data

It looks like MTN have something really great going here, if they can pull it off. A regular 500 MB monthly data plan costs N2000 on MTN. Music+ will give you the same data allowance for N800 and you won’t have to expend a single MB streaming music through the app. Amazing stuff, again if MTN can really pull it off

According to our source, Music+ will launch publicly this month and will be available for iPhone, Blackberry, Asha and possibly Windows Phone. We will keep our ears close to the ground for any relevant updates


  • Doncigalo says:

    RIP Iroko.

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  • Freshboi Ekundayo says:

    issue is this…..all this is to increase sales so why create an island than make things open..Music + to me is wrong and NCC needs to look into it, they can launch it as a seperate business but it just cant be a product from MTN the obvious reasn is monopoly of the market, while its an innovative idea we need to ask the obvious what motivated them to do such? MTN has 60 million + subscribers now say an average of 30 million pay 100 naira daily that is 300 million naira everyday, since i can pay via credit then it discourages other music site the only alternative is to partner wit a great ISP like Smile or Swift to provide extremely cheap data as u download songs….the idea is MTN should allow more streaming services to partner with it and gain more followers than become a Streaming service itself………….MISPLACED PRIORITIES BUT GOOD INTENTIONS

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