CcHub CEO and Co-founder, Bosun Tijani has announced the official global launch of his social fitness app Truppr. Before now, it had been in beta testing phase was already being widely used by fitness enthusiasts in Lagos, Abuja and some parts of the UK.

The Problem

A fitness enthusiast, Bosun fell in love with teams sports because their social nature provided an exciting way to keep up with his strict fitness regime. However, having lived in 5 different cities in the last 10 years, he found that moving around that much came with its peculiar challenges of finding regular fitness partners.

“I play football for fun and fitness twice a week and consistently struggled to keep the routine due to difficulty in finding teammates and venues while on business trips or in new cities”.

Like Bosun, millions of people globally rely on team sports and physical activities as a source of regular exercise. Bosun conceived Truppr as a solution to this problem.

Truppr is a social tool that provide sports lovers and fitness enthusiasts alike with an easy way to find local fitness partners while on business trips, holidays or in a new city. With Truppr, users will be able to organise, or join in on, amateur sporting events within their locality. The app will also serve as a one-stop shop for finding and booking sport venues in cities around the world.

The App – Truppr

The Truppr app interface is quite intuitive and free of clutter. On launching the app after sign up, you are greeted with a landing page of 4 tabs. The first tab is the list of sporting events in reverse chronological order.


You scroll to find events that interest you and then click on to sign up.


There’s also an inbox tab for incoming messages, a “feed” tab that aggregates fitness blog posts from the official Truppr blog. The last tab is your profile, where you can access your events and event invites. You can create your own events by clicking on the + sign, top right of the interface. Finally, there’s  a search functionality, in case you are looking for a specific event.


While Truppr is available for use globally, the team is looking to drive mass adoption across Africa in its first year. Truppr is incubated and funded by the Co-Creation Hub and has benefited from the Tony Elumelu Foundation early stage grant for technology ventures. With over 7,500 users, 55 new users per day, 343 events and 78% active users participating in at least 3-5 events per month (in its first 4 months), Truppr is ramping up activities to generate awareness and position itself as one of the globally relevant tech start-ups emerging from Africa.

You can download the Truppr  app from the Google Play Store, App Store or use it directly on the web.


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