Get Your Geek On With ‘Hacked’ – Mobile Gaming For Coders

If you love to code, you will most likely love Hacked.

Hacked is not your average mobile game. You know, the usual stuff that requires nothing more than mindless swiping and tapping? No, you actually need to have some real skill to play Hacked. Not just any skill- you have to know how to code, and love it. That’s right, someone has gamified coding on mobile.

Hacked has three modes: story mode, where you use a custom code keyboard and a new coding language ‘H’ to solve coding problems; freestyle mode, where you can actually create and publish games, within the game; challenge mode, where you pitch your coding skills against other hackers. See it for yourself

Sounds fun? Sign up for the Hacked beta testing program for a chance to try out the game.


Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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