Barely a few weeks after Nokia (the software company, not the smartphone division acquired by Microsoft) brought HERE Maps exclusively to Samsung Galaxy devices, the navigation app is now available for all Android devices.

This is great news for Android users because, one key area where Nokia HERE trumps Google Maps is in offline functionality. While it’s very debatable which services has more accurate navigation and directions, when it comes to offline capability, HERE takes the cake.

Nokia HERE for Android is currently available (in beta) as an apk download  for all Android devices running version 4.1 JellyBean or higher. For the best experience, Nokia also recommends you use a device that has a minimum of 1GB RAM and a screen size between 4 and 6 inches.

Considering the app is still in beta, it’s bound to be buggy. Which is why Nokia welcomes all constructive feedback given via the official HERE Twitter handle.

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