Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has released a report on .ng domain registrations in Nigeria for the year 2014.

The report reflects domain purchases, renewals and transfers over the course of the year. Based on the report, 18,870 domains were registered, 11,907 were renewed and 765 domains were transferred, in 2014.
The report also laid emphasis on the drop in .ng domain purchases in the month of December.

According to NiRA’s report, ” December 2014 recorded a drop in the .ng domain name purchase… There was also a slight decrease in the number of domain names renewed in the same month … Interestingly, there was a remarkable increase in the transfer window. This could be traced to entrance of new registrars”.

NiRA is the registry body for .ng  domain names and it has a total of forty-seven accredited domain registrars.

Lulu Fadoju Author

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