Radio Africa Group is set to invest US $10 million into its recently launched digital TV platform, Bamba TV.

Bamba TV will make over 64 channels available to Kenyans at no cost once they purchase the BambaTV decoder for a fee of 35 dollars (Ksh 3,200).

BambaTv already has exclusive rights to over 24 international channels and has spent 6 million dollars in signing up TV channels. The company is planning on spending a total of 10 million dollars in signing on more TV channels and creating local content.

Danny Mucira, Bamba TV’s General Manager, said, “Over the next five years, we will ratchet-up this investment to US $10 million (Kshs 915 million ). We are proud that this is a Kenyan innovation that will enable Kenyans to migrate to the new digital platform at no recurring monthly expense and with ease, giving them access to diverse quality content.”

Bamba TV’s free to air platform is seen as a move to stifle competition who run their service on a monthly subscription basis. BambaTV’s immediate competition include GoTV and Startimes.

Lulu Fadoju Author

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