Some of Africa’s brightest in technology are billed to speak at a week-long event ‘Black Tech Week’, aimed at celebrating innovators of colour during the last week of black history month, in Miami, FL United States.

The conference, organised by Code Fever, will feature events hosted by start-ups, tech companies, community partners and organizations to highlight diversity and technology innovation. To spice up the event, the steering committee for the conference, have invited top technologists, startup founders, venture capitalist, grassroots activists and thought leaders.

“To truly have innovation we need to think beyond today and tomorrow. Attracting attendees from across the globe, this conference will charge attendees to think beyond the limits of one term, four quarters or 140 characters, and focus on decades into the future of innovation. We look forward to showing the world what true tech diversity and Innovation looks like right here in Miami,” a statement on the website reads.

Chinedu Echeruo, a Nigerian tech Entrepreneur/Founder of Hopstop and Tripology, is billed as one of the experts to speak at the event. Additionally, Technology Entrepreneur and Investor, Eric Osiakwa, will also do justice to the topic he will be adjudicating over. Other distinguished speakers invited include George N’namdi, CEO N’namdi Center for Contempary Art, Kanyi Maqubela, Venture Capitalist, Mandela Schumacher-Hodge, Director of Education for Entrepreneurs at UPGlobal and many more.

Code Fever, a Miami based non-profit organization, helps high school students learn how to code, build and learn technology within their communities. The Black Tech week –established by code fever in 2014- aims to provide impactful programming around Black History Month; apart from celebrating innovations of colour, the event aims to change community narratives, exchanging it for innovation, technology and creativity.

The conference is slated for February 23 – 28, Interested participants may register here.

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