Facebook is going full throttle with the internet.org initiative as it has recently introduced accessible internet connection in India.

This initiative which is in partnership with Reliance Communication, a telecommunications company in India, will provide Indians on the Reliance network access to free services on education, news, health, jobs, sports, government information and communication. All these sevices will be accessble through the internet.org app.

This latest development makes India the third country in the space of two month that will have access to certain online content at no cost through facebook’s internet.org app.

In an official post, the company stated, “Facebook and Reliance Communications are making the internet available to millions of people in India through the launch of the Internet.org app and free basic services. This is the first time the Internet.org app will be available in the region.”

Introduced in 2013, Facebook has launched internet.org in association with major telcos to offer free internet services to area will poor or no internet connection.

Countries that have so far benefited from service include: Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia and Ghana.

Lulu Fadoju Author

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