Driver License

The National Safety and Transport Authority (NSTA) has directed all prospective citizens of Kenya who wish to renew their driver’s license to do so by visiting their online portal –both for application and payments.

“This is to notify the Public that you can now renew your Driving License online from the comfort of your home, office, or Cybercafé and pay using mobile money, Debit cards, Credit cards or Mobile banking,” a public notice on the website reads.

This directive is consequent upon the introduction of an online government portal for payment services (e-citizen), stating further that, new driving licenses will not be issued from banks or ‘Huduma’ centres.


Members of the public are advised to visit the website, sign up for an e-citizen account and further prompted to sign into the NTSA’s services to access places of interest. These include, but not limited to, provisional driving license, booking a driving test and driving license renewal.

NTSA is a statutory body established by the Kenyan government to sanitize and bring safety to commuters, their jurisdiction covers Motor Vehicle Registration/Inspection, Transport Licensing, Road Safety, Driver Testing and extensively Traffic Law Enhancement.

A quick visit reveals that the website seems to be functioning, informative and self-explanatory; the ease with which this exercise goes will be determined by the citizens of Kenya.

Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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