In January, we began publishing stories of how coders got started on their career path of programming, and the response has been amazing.

Celestin Ezeokoye shared how he learnt out of curiousity, Ofure Ukpebor began coding so she could ace her classes while in Uni, Celestine Omin learnt to code as a challenge to himself, Lynda Chiwetelu learnt to code out of determination, Mark Essien needed to stay awake for his overnight job, so he learnt to program to keep himself entertained, Churchill Nanje Mambe had the zeal to learn how to program, fascination led Opeyemi Obembe down the coding path, Francis Onwumere learnt to code using free resources and Makinwa Olubukola’s passion for games made her learn to code.

Last week, we shared Fritz Ekwoge’s story about how he began coding on a calculator and it was one of the most viewed posts.

Now back by popular demand, over the next two months, twice a week, we’ll be publishing your story.

Yes you. The only criterium is that you be an active coder/programmer to have you story posted.

Please send in your stories to and/or using ‘How I Learnt to Code’ as your subject. Write in detail about how you learnt to code, a short bio about yourself and your social media handles. Attach your picture as well.

Follow the series here.

Image credit: The Matrix

Chioma Nkemdilim Author

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