Nigerian e-commerce startup, has launched a new delivery option, Supermart Prime, and it’s a lot like Amazon Prime.

The new feature presents customers on with free delivery for 30days with no minimum basket size for an initial service charge of N1,500.

“With the new Supermart Prime delivery option, frequent customers can now shop away even more conveniently by paying only N1,500 once for unlimited deliveries for 30 days,” Supermart’s Co-founder, Raphael Afaedor said in a statement to TechCabal.

The service is similar to – in fact borderline mirroring – Amazon Prime, operated by the American e-commerce giant, Amazon, which allows shoppers a few distinct advantages including a free two-day shipping on any item, without a minimum-order balance as well as a plethora of other freebies including free music, videos and e-books. Supermart Prime, however, doesn’t seem to bring any other benefit along for the ride on the new feature, one reason could be because has only one business; e-commerce, unlike Amazon with its blinding number of frontiers., renowned for its quirky content marketing will no-doubt onboard a whole new category of online shoppers to the platform with the new feature.

The new delivery option, according to Supermart, can be selected instead of the standard delivery option at check-out on Compared with the standard delivery option which costs N800 in recurring charge, the new feature becomes almost an immediate favourite at 1,500 per-month.

Image via: connectnigeria

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