Lake Hub, an open community, in Kisumu,Western Kenya, created to support individuals and businesses with an interest in technology, is launching today at the Planet Media Cinemas, Nairobi Kenya.

The community majorly concerns itself to bring together entrepreneurs, programmers, and creatives, connecting them to partners, resources and mentors.

Some of the projects that have been executed by Lake Hub are Village Code (which focuses on teaching children programming and entrepreneurial skills) and Kisumu Schools Online Project (helps schools in western Kenya receive free websites).

“With the progress that we have noted, the LakeHub community can be seen as a game-changer in months and years to come. We have tested the interest, it is there. By formally launching our activities, we are affirming our position and commitment in transforming our counties and by large our country through the use of technology,” reads an excerpt from their website.

Featured Image: Lake Hub

Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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