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The Silicon Valley Forum (SVForum) has announced that startups from all over the world that are interested in presenting their products and representing their country at the second Annual World Cup Tech Challenge 2015, can now apply.

24 startups across the globe are selected through a qualification process by 35 judges, and then compete in six different groups. Each group has our spots available and a country can only be represented once in the group.

“Startups that apply must have a product or service available in the market as of April 2015, but not introduced in the Global marketplace for more than a few months prior to the event. This means that you might already have launched your product in your local market, gained traction and perhaps even revenue and you’re now ready for a Global launch,” an excerpt says about the competition on the website.

Qualified startups within the different groups will be invited to compete in the finals in Silicon Valley, demo in the expo hall and present on stage for five minutes followed by another five minutes of questions and answers from a panel of professional Silicon Valley investors and industry experts.

“The Group winners will take home great prizes sponsored by the Group sponsors as well as one-on-one meetings with VC’s, Angels and corporate executives and venture groups in Silicon Valley. The startup with the highest overall score will win the 3D printed Cup, and walk away with a cash prize (amount tbd)”, another statement says about the competition.

Deadline for applications closes by April 27, 2015. Get more information from the event website.


Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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