Couple of years back, Nigerians solely used mobile apps developed outside the Nigerian shores. Fast forward (a little bit) and the story is beginning to change. Nigerian developers have churned out numerous apps tailored specifically for its consumers.

We’ve compiled a list of the top downloaded Nigerian apps based on data from Gidiapps, a Nigeria-centric app store designed by the guys at Maliyo. Gidiapps curates mobile applications designed by Nigerians for local visibility.

The apps on this list are necessarily not the ones that are the most used by Nigerians; which is why you won’t find WhatsApp on this list. These apps are basically mobile applications designed by Nigerians, which have happened to rack up decent figures in downloads.

In no particular order, they are:


AFRINOLLYAfrinolly curates African movies, short films, trailers, music videos, and full length Bollywood movies on android phones. It also allows users read African entertainment news.


channelsThis application allows users stay connected to Channels Television news wherever via their smartphones. The app also allows stories to be shared on the social media in addition to an iWitness functionality, which permits citizen journalism.


AKPOSAkpos Jokes was  developed by Stack arena. The app lists jokes that satirizes Nigeria and Nigerians. The app has a module that allows users add their jokes, rate jokes and leave comments.


iroko tviRokoTV is the Nigerian foremost SVOD network. Its mobile app allows users stream Nigerian movies (aka Nollywood movies), all streamed in HD. Users can also browse selection of movies, rate and watch movies directly on their phones.


kongaNigeria’s AB Kinnevik-backed Konga is one the big players in Nigeria’s ecommerce space. Konga app allows users access products and services while on the move.


punchPunch newspapers says they are the “most widely read newspaper in the country”. Thier  android app is notably helping them onboard a new generation of audience who are more “freemium” inclined.


spinletSpinlet curates songs from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa etc. It enables users discover latest songs, share tracks, create playlists and get friends involved. Users can register for the free (limited) or premium (unlimited) version of this application.


gtbankGTBank (one of the tech-forward inclined financial institution in Nigeria) mobile app allows account holders to carry out basic transactions without the need to use the banking halls. Services offered include airtime purchase, transaction history, cash transfers etc.


thisdayThis Nigerian newspaper app features news and articles from Thisday’s website.  Users can share articles via email, Bluetooth, twitter, facebook etc.


union bank

The Union Bank app enables users view balances, transaction details and transfers.  It also provides a location service which helps users find nearby branches and ATM plazas.  Union Bank Nigeria is also slowly embracing the power of the mobile. The banks also recently launched a mobile quiz game,  Union Quiz Vibe in which users are required to answer fluffy questions about Nigeria.

Featured Images: Africatopsuccess, Google Play

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