Registration has opened for entrants into the class IX of the Andela’s fellowship programme in Nigeria. The Nigeria-based talent accelerator recently closed application to its class VIII entrants who will now advance to take the Andela’s home study test.

Andela announced the opening on its website over the weekend. The Andela fellowship is a four year program that provides on-the-job training for programmers and developers.

Shortlisted applicants will participate in a two-week boot camp and successful programmers will be inducted into the Andela fellowship where they will get paid as they receive further hands-on training in software development.

According to Andela, “it’s sort of like a university, except instead of paying tuition, you earn a healthy income and benefits. Once you’re done with basic training and ready to advance, usually within 3-5 months, we place you as a remote member of a team with one of our partner companies around the globe.”

Andela says the fellowship will focus on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web and mobile software development skills.

Registration for the class IX fellowship is currently on and will close on the 17th of May 2015.

The Andela’s fellowship program, which had been limited to Nigeria until now, has been extended to South Africa, Kenya and Ghana where it will admit its first cohort, and registration in these countries will close on the 5th of May.

Lulu Fadoju Author

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