Nigeria’s coworking space, CcHub, has released an infographic that indicates that blue collar workers may not care too much for fancy UIs and bleeding edge user experience.

Drawn from a research investigating what blue collar workers consider before purchasing a mobile device and how the they interact with their phones, the infographic reveals that with 61.8% prevalence, phone calls is the most frequent activity on their phones. 19.3% browse the internet, 9% text, 7.1% use chat applications while 2.8% play mobile games. Phone calls being the predominant use case for the the demography, it is interesting to note that 62.7% of these individuals spend less than NGN500 ($2.51) on calls weekly.
The research has a sample size of 6,285 blue collar workers from Lagos, Aba and Abuja.

Phone brands among the respondents is distributed among Nokia, Tecno, Blackberry and Samsung, with Nokia being the most used device at 41.4%. The report reflects that 65% of the Nokia phones employed by the respondents are feature phones and this is so because of affordability.
According to the report, “48.6% of workers cited the cost of the phone as the main influence when purchasing a new phone. With over 50% of blue collar workers earning NGN 30,000 ($150) or less monthly”.

A look into the apps employed by this demography reflects that more than half (56%) of them subscribe to the internet from which the most popular apps employed are Facebook and Whatsapp which are used by 25.5% and 25% of the respondents respectively. BBM and Opera mini are also used by 13.6% and 11.7% of the group under survey respectively. The infographic indicates that 51.4% of internet users in this category purchase data worth NGN 1000 to NGN 2000 ($5 to $10) monthly, which equates between 1GB to 2GB of data.
You can view the detailed infographic here.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Cc

Lulu Fadoju Author

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