Konga’s CEO, Sim Shagaya, is inviting everyone to find bugs on the Konga Android/iOS app, and get paid for it too.

And no, it’s not the insect kind, (but you already knew that).

Sim said this in a tweet earlier today. In a tweet this morning, he said,

This is the first time anyone has offered money for bug finders, most times, developers just pretend as though the bugs are not there –that is in Nigeria of course.

Google offers thousands of dollars to developers to find bugs or break their software. They even have a “Security Princess”, whose job is basically to hack into the web browser, in a quest to find flaws in the system before others do.

So while a few of us might think Konga isn’t paying  much, it isn’t really a bad deal.

Chioma Nkemdilim Author

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