iROKO Partners co-founder, Jason Njoku, shared on his blog yesterday that the company is looking to hire quick-witted developers to work on iROKO’s product, design and engineering team.

In his blogpost, Jason said, “iROKO’s goal to make Nollywood content avaliable in a “mobile-first” format reqires that they build and focus on Product, Design and Engineering. He acknowledged that even if they get everything else but these right, then they have failed as a company.

For this reason, iROKO is taking the same route as Konga and Andela – recruiting all the available developers.

Over the next few weeks, he will personally scout for and interview developers for over 20 positions, which are listed in his post.

Basically all you need to qualify, Jason said, is pass an easy coding test.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.51.21 AM

That isn’t all, by the way. The best performer from each month will walk away with with a cool million – in naira. Yes, walk away, because the developer still gets to decide whether or not he/she wants to work with iROKO.

This is turning into a trend. Just 2 weeks ago, Mark Essien of Hotels.ng shared on Medium his interview questions and answers from screened candidates, to work as a full time genius at his company.

We wonder who’ll be next to jump on the bandwagon.

iROKO’s test questions will be out today.


Go to careers.irokotv.com to take the test.

Chioma Nkemdilim Author

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