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The mobile device maker, VMK, plans to invest 15 Million USD over 5 years to build a factory in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ITnewsafrica reports.

VMK founder, Verone Mankou, made the announcement this week, where he said that the new facility in Kinshasa, Congo is expected to begin operation by October.

The entrepreneur, Verone Mankou, met with Thomas Luhaka, the Republic of Congo’s Prime Minister, in charge of telecommunications, in the bid to secure the government’s support and backing for the VMK facility and market entry.

Mankou said, “We cannot be a leader on the continent without RDC, a large country with infinite potential, a necessary market for our strategic development.”

Luhaka responded by saying the DRC government “will give unfailing support to VMK’s installation.”

The next target markets include Cote d’Ivoire and Cameroon.

Photo Credit: kenteegardin via Compfight cc

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