The prices of commodities fluctuate due to consumer price sensitivity and aggressive competition among e-commerce platforms. Keeping tab on the prices of commodities online can be a hassle.

PriceCrunch is a price tracking website that allows users monitor the price changes on goods on e-commerce platforms.

PriceCrunch integrates, where applicable, with the API, product metadata and the product itself to filter through and reflect the prices of the commodities selected by the user.

The website aggregates product listings and also reflects more recent price variations on products listed on integrated platforms.

Speaking on what lead to idea of PriceCrunch, Opeyemi Obembe, the product lead told TC that, “PriceCrunch was from a personal need. I wanted to buy some things and thought, ‘there should be a way to know when these things are at the right price’. So I did a rough working prototype for myself. Once up, I shared it with a friend that liked it and nudged me to make it possible for anyone to sign up”.

Here’s how PriceCrunch works in three simple steps:

First, you do the obvious, Register

Your username has to be between 5 to 30 characters. Thanks Ope, “Lulu” is just one letter short.

Track Product

Click on track product and paste the URL of the product page straight to PriceCrunch and click on start tracking.

Wait for your notification

You’ll get an email notification once there is a price change on your product of choice. PriceCrunch also reflects the history of price changes that the product undergoes since you began following it.

Price tracking on PriceCrunch is currently limited to Konga, Jumia, Amazon and ASOS.

Lulu Fadoju Author

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