101 Things to do in Lekki is a customized Google Map outline showing landmarks and pointers of places in Lekki to hangout, relax, work and have fun in Lekki, a high-end residential lot in Lagos. The interactive Google map was created and published by livinginlekki.com, a hyperlocal blog published by Olamide Amosu that puts out tips, reviews and recommendations about the Lekki community.

Google maps in Nigeria are pretty decent, but they could use more context in many places, and Olamide’s mini-map project adds a valuable layer of context. The place icons on the map have not just geographical information, but extra bits of content from the livinginlekki blog. A restaurant on the custom map will typically have links to a review that Olamide has posted from a previous visit.

There aren’t quite 101 things on the map right now. It is a work in progress. As of now, there are 81 places. Olamide told TechCabal that she is working hard to add more. By the time we visit again, there will be probably more than 101 things.

Photo Credit: Una_Clara via Compfight cc

Yemi Olutoye Author

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