Accra-based MEST is spreading out, it’s taking applications from Kenya for its EIR programme and plans on setting up in 4 other African cities, and just bought Woo Commerce, the ecommerce plugin for developed by Adii Pienaar’s Woo Themes. Check out these and other stories that made the rounds across African tech space today.

MEST Is Taking Applications from Kenya now, Also Opening its Incubator in 4 other African cities

The Accra-based Meltwater School of Entrepreneurship Studies (MEST) has begun accepting entrepreneurship applications from Kenyans looking to participate in its training programme. Buys WooCommerce

Although, Automattic, owner of is keeping mum about the price of the acquisition, Recode reports that the company is spending more than $30 million in cash and stock to buy the 55-person company.

Alcatel-lucent And Ghana’s ICT MInistry Complete Internet Backbone Project

Alcatel-Lucent and National Information Technology Agency (NITA), the ICT policy arm of Ghana’s ministry of communication have announced a successful completion of the eastern corridor rural fibre-optic backbone project

There is a Way To Get 15, 000 Free eBooks on Samsung Smartphones

Samsung and online retail store, Jumia have partnered with Worldreader, a non-profit organisation in an initiative to promote literacy and education by pre-installing 15,000 free e-books in Samsung entry-level smartphones.

And just for when you need to kill time, these 7 games can help

You are stuck in a bus. Or a car. In traffic. PHCN (or whatever they are called where you live) has turned off power. We know the feeling. We also know that it’s the perfect time to play a game on your phone. We’ve made a list of games with a Nigerian flavour to help you pass the time.

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