The Centre for Democracy and Development (CCD), a Nigerian NGO that promotes human rights has created a website, Buharimeter, to monitor the administration of Nigeria’s President Mohammed Buhari and Osinbajo vis-à-vis their campaign promises.

Buharimeter is a platform created to give citizens the opportunity to track governance, civic participation in Nigeria. The website enables civil society groups, citizens, media, academia, practitioners, political parties and stakeholders have access to the reports on the status of the implementation of promises made by President Mohammed Buhari.


“The performance of the government will be measured using three interrelated approaches,” CCD says on the website. “First, through different web-based applications. Second, through rigorous policy and media monitoring exercise. This will be complemented by the third approach which is spot-checks of projects and programmes being implemented by the government.”

Features on the website include a timer that has started reading right from the inaugration of the new administration of Mr. Buhari and his Vice, Yemi Osinbajo last Friday. There are also panels such as track promises, citizen’s scorecard, iWitness, reports, policy documents, citizens’ forum and a progress rating feature.

Buharimeter was built by BudgiT, a civic startup that makes open source, Nigeria’s budgets and public data from an inactive state into a more engaging format mostly through infographics founded by Seun Onigbinde.

Image: Opinionnews

Olumuyiwa Coker Author

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