Ugandan ICT Minister, John Nasasira.

Ugandan ICT Minister, John Nasasira.

The Ugandan ICT ministry has revealed that the government will provide innovation fund to help launch young entrepreneurs into the technology sector, reports ITnewsAfrica.

The Ugandan ICT Minister, John Nasasira, made this known while speaking at the Uganda Communications Commission’s Annual Communications Innovation Awards (ACIA). He said that the ministry “has developed a five-year ICT sector strategy and investment plan.”

Also at the event, the director of the Uganda Communications Commission, Godfrey Mutabazi highlighted the growth in the number of entrants for the ACIA. According to him, the event had 163 entrants in 2013 to 281 in 2014 and 398 in 2015.

Introduced in 2010 by Uganda Communications Commission, the ACIA is an annual award that recognises and rewards noteworthy innovations in the ICT sector within Uganda.


Lulu Fadoju Author

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