The Kenyan operation of the e-commerce platform, Jumia, has released a white paper on the growth of the country’s smartphone market.

The paper was presented yesterday during Jumia’s mobile week event. The paper titled, “The Growth of the Smartphone Market in Kenya” reveals that Kenya’s strong economy and increased internet penetration has led to the influx of mobile phone brands.

On the smartphone features employed among the 576 consumers that the research covered, social media platforms and instant messaging apps was the most popular among 78% of the respondents followed by voice calls at 75%, emails and browsing at 69%, entertainment such as gaming, music and videos at 57%, online shopping at 49% , online banking at 26% among others indices provided.

“For Kenyan consumers, quality is king. Our survey results support the wider economic trends: Kenyans are above all looking for value for money. This means that they are willing to shift brand loyalty if they can find better features and service for a better price,” the paper reads.

The major purchase drivers for smartphone users, the paper indicates, are price, brand, memory, camera, size and battery life.

Photo Credit: Roozbeh Rokni via Compfight cc

Lulu Fadoju Author

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