Google has formally launched its YouTube Partnership Program in Tanzania and Zimbabwe that will enable creators in those countries monetize video content shared on the platform, Google said in a  blogpost.

Creators in Tanzania and Zimbabwe will now be able to monetize content on YouTube, through advertisements, paid subscriptions, merchandise and couple other means.

“This content spans a wide range from “Bongo” movies to the occasional creator sharing about favorite spots in Zanzibar and local lifestyle events, as well as displays of local talent from random street performers…”  YouTube Says.

YouTube has recorded successes in other African countries including Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal where it had launched the Partnership Program in the past two years.

Creators must enable their YouTube account for the Partner Program and designate at least one video enabled for monetization.

Visit YouTube creator academy for more information on how to set up monetization channels.

Photo Credit: Rego – via Compfight cc

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