If you use WriteRack, you should be pleased to learn that the app (web and Android) has gotten a new feature that enables you to set intervals between the tweets in your storm. Which interestingly is closer to how a regular tweetstorm works.

Wait, what’s a Tweetstorm? It’s basically a string of consecutive tweets about a certain topic. Some people number them to indicate serial association and let their followers know that there is more to come in an extended spiel. Learn about Tweetstorms and their origins here.

A regular, manual tweetstorm happens over a period of time. Usually, as fast as the tweetstormer can type, also factoring in the need to pause and hit send every 140 characters. WriteRack takes away the 140 character speedbump. But when WriteRack broke up a large wall of text into the sub 140 character droplets that make up a tweetstorm, the whole flood would get published to Twitter simultaneously. That’s a kind of like a whole rainstorm hitting the ground in the space of 3 seconds, which would be unsatisfying, and potentially disastrous.

Look out below!

WriteRack’s new interval feature fixes that bug by automatically adding a five second delay between each droplet of your deluge.

“As it is, everything goes out at once. So people asked for the interval thing”, Oo Nwoye, CEO at Fonebase Labs, WriteRack’s creator says. Eventually, users will be able to set their preferred interval duration themselves.

The feature effectively simulates a real tweetstorm. Except you know the tweetstormer was using WriteRack, there would be no reason to think that they aren’t manually typing out the tweets.

Because it’s coming by popular demand, the feature will be available via a premium version of WriteRack that costs $10…per year.

Oo thinks the social media “experts” notorious for organising “tweetchats” will find premium WriteRack especially useful. Essentially, “you could type out ten questions for your guest, hit send, and then go take a dump, or play in the rain”, he says.

“Each tweet/question will come out at the desired intervals and the interviewee/audeince will think you are typing them live. What is more, the entire tweetchat will be arranged in one coherent thread”.

What do you think of the new improved and paid WriteRack? We’ll be discussing it on Radar, join the conversation.

Photo Credit: purplemattfish via Compfight cc

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