Uber isn’t settling easy in Cape Town, and the company is crowd-sourcing support against transport licensing terms limiting its operation. So far, 13,000 Cape Town denizens have signed on that one. Here are the stories that made the rounds across Africa today.

Uber got 13,000 Capetonians to say “we want Uber”

Uber’s drive to raise public support for its e-hailing service in Cape Town, South Africa has received over 13,000 signatures within its first week amid unresolved regulatory ground in Uber’s operation in the city.

NOIPolls just launched its mobile app

Nigeria-based polling and analytics service, NOIPolls has announced the launch of its NOIPolls mobile app.

Airtel just sold off its tower assets in five African countries

And the company is still selling in six more. The company is doing this because it needs to service debt of up to $10.64 billion it has accumulated from working in the region without profit.

Nigeria’s Interswitch is helping make payments data more secure globally

It just joined the PCI security standard council. The PCI standards is a global guideline that enforces adherence to information security controls and data protection guidelines.

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Psst! Check out everything you get from the Apple Music iOS 8.4 update

The new Apple Music is sweet. You get access to up to 30 million songs, artist discographies and record label catalogs, all for free..for now. And Nigeria gets an especially fair pricing.

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5 lessons suicidal Lagos drivers will teach you about startups

If you looks past non-existent customer  care in their operations, there are a few business lessons to learn from connecting buses in Lagos. Like, the good in the noise.

The problem with Nigeria’s BVN in 14 tweets

Why did Nigerians not take BVN seriously? A series of tweets from Nigeria’s popular ICT policy advocate, Gbenga Sesan did not explain why, but it tells a couple things that might make the exercise cringeworthy or perhaps even illegal.

iROKOtv is crushing it, these could just be why it’s doing so

At $50 million dollar valuation, iROKOtv is one of the most successful and vocal startups from Africa. And in the startup world, valuation equals success.

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Orange launches developer challenge for African startups

Orange has announced its latest developer challenge for startups in Africa, extending the programme to 13 countries across France, Africa and the Middle East.

BudgIT has launched a B2B analytics service

Civic technology organization, BudgIT has launched BudgIT for Business, a paid model of its current data analysis and infographics design offerings.

Spark International unveils 17 startups for the July 2015 program

Startup accelerator and incubator, Spark International has unveiled seventeen new startups for its July 2015 program.

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