Kenyans will need their personal ID numbers or passport number to log on to public Wi-Fi in Kenya once the regulation being pushed by the Ministry of ICT through the Communications Authority comes into effect.

Techmoran reports that the Director General of the Communications Authority, Francis Wangusi stated this while assuming his role for the second time as the agency’s boss. Wangusi debunked earlier rumours that Kenyans would need to register their devices to access the Wi-Fi service.

“The unique number of a device is identified on the internet but we can’t identify who owns it, if you don’t use the right identification numbers,” says Wangusi. “That’s why we insist on logging in the Public Wi-Fi with personal credentials. This will help us in securing the cyberspace, in case of cyber crimes,” he added.

The director however made it known that Kenya is working on making the internet service only available to users who log in with either their ID number, passport number or telephone number.

Source: TechMoran
Photo Credit: jarawees via Compfight cc

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