AMPION has announced the third edition of its 7-day road trip across the continent.

This year’s edition aims to take up to 200 participants on five buses that will hit the road in Morocco, Tunisia and Western, Eastern Africa and Southern Africa regions.

The road trip will bring together entrepreneurs on the AMPION bus, where they will conceive ideas and execute them within the 7-day time frame.

Individual participants with “entrepreneurial skills, sound knowledge in either IT, web design, new media or business development” will be selected from the applicants and will be grouped into teams. Each team is expected to come up with an idea which they will execute pitch before a jury at each country or region where the ride will touch down.

Each country or region has a specific theme around which products are to be developed and they are as follows.

Morocco: Open to all. 12th to 19th Sept. 2015

West Africa: Fin-tech & E-health & Governance. 17.Sept. – 23.Sept. 2015

East Africa: E-health, Governance 22nd to 28th Oct. 2015

Southern Africa: Hardware & Agriculture. 12th to 19th Nov. 2015

Tunisia: Female Empowerment (Women participants only). 12th to 18th Dec. 2015.

Interested participants in the AMPION road-trip are required to pay a participation fee that ranges from $50 for African Students to $350 for non-African residents.

Outstanding startups will be able to apply for the 12 months Ampion Fellowship Program which provides mentorship, a grant and office space.

Interested participants can apply here.

Image Credit:RyanMcGuire via Pixabay Cc

Lulu Fadoju Author

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