Nigeria’s iROKOtv has begun modifications to its mobile platform, only days after it went mobile-only in Africa.

The company will now allow users initiate playbacks before they are done downloading. This unlike initial model that required a full download before playback. But this particular modification will only be available outside Africa.

“The progressive download ability will only be enabled for users outside of Africa with unlimited data plans,” the company CEO, Jason Njoku said. According to him this was in response to market indices.

Turns out quite a number of users have called in “delayed satisfaction” that came with having to wait through a full download cycle before actually seeing a movie.

“I like the old Irokotv better than this one cause I have to download the show first before watching it . That is too much. If I wanted to do all that I would have just gone online and did it for free,” a user, Aquie Vampelt had said in a Google Play review of the app.

The new modification will make a movie playable after a sizeable part of it had been downloaded.

“That means that the video can be played immediately after acquiring a license, and before completing a download, which usually occurs somewhere between 5% and 20% of download progress. The app will now display a triangular PLAY icon when the download is ‘playable’,” the company said.

Screenshots of the next iteration of the iROKOtv app showing the triangular play button at 23% download

In Africa, however, iRokotv’s bet on mobile-only is already paying off. Jason said the company has seen “some amazing usage around downloads in Africa and average daily subscription has jumped 36%.”

Gbenga Onalaja Author

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